The well-known Arab Spring

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  • 09 Sep 2015
  • The well-known Arab Spring  социология

    This case study shows how progressively the Internet has influenced the people of the Arab Gulf states. It can be seen the recent protest in the Egypt that entirely initiated and conducted through the Internet by the youth of the country.
    The well-known Arab Spring is said to be the product of social media and blogging. The government in these countries started exercising some rules and regulations to impose restrictions in the use of Internet. Several sites and blogs have been blocked which were being used by the people for building mass opinion and protest programs.

    So many have forgotten the relationship among age and religion. There may be, due to behaviour in the direction of your age and faith, essentially no hyperlink amongst the two aspects. However, some scholars have tried to show that there is indeed a link that exists between age and religion. Regarding handful of exceptions, recent research directed at your relationship from years and religion assert that participation in spiritual pursuits enhances as we age. Some have, nonetheless, utterly avoided the no-company criteria based on engagement in faith based behaves or have manipulated just one measure of participation.

    Impact of Telecommunication

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  • 31 Oct 2014
  • Impact of Telecommunication интернет

    This paper studies the impact and influence of the telecommunications especially free of charge services on the sociology of the area.
    To start with let’s remind the revolution in the Egypt that was initiated by the internet, more specifically by the social media eventually resulted in the fall of the government. Not until the year 2011, the social media or the internet was not easily available in various parts of Arab Gulf areas. From 2011 onwards social media like Facebook, internet blogging and Twitter started to become popular in mass populations.

    Many have ignored the marriage regarding religion and age. There does exist, due to attitudes in the direction of age and religion, virtually no website link within the two components. However, some scholars have tried to show that there is indeed a link that exists between age and religion. When it comes to a small number of exclusions, original analyses concentrating on your relationship between these age and religion assert that involvement in spiritual pursuits increases as we age. A lot of them have, even so, utterly pushed aside the low-organizational reasons linked to involvement in spiritual works or have controlled one measure of participation. Because of an tactic put together in various analyses of the arrangement of health, scholars have considered the multidimensional conceptualization of involvement in religious regular exercise. Results secured reveal that participation or somewhat involvement in faith based behavior goes up with age.