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  • 29 Jul 2015
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    "Pictures and Spelling" mark twain dialog. Global Literature

    Twain and easy British книги

    Well, I can tell you it made me all over trembly and feverish, too, to hear him, because I begun to get it through my head that he WAS most free--and who was to blame for it?” (57) Also, “…It was a close place. I took it up, and held it in my hand. I was a- trembling, because I'd got to decide, forever, betwixt two things, and I knowed it. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: "All right, then, I'll GO to hell"--and tore it up.” (134) The feeling also showed the caring of Huck for Jim though he actually believed Christian view on slavery.
    4. The mutual understanding and the fellow feeling is a must in any relationship to be the close to a closer one and finally be the closest. Huck believed only Jim and same to Jim, he believed Huck alone. Also they have the same supporting role to each other as they thought in the same way. As the text describes it, "… Jim said he reckoned I would believe him next time. And he said that handling a snake-skin was such awful bad luck that maybe we hadn't got to the end of it yet. ... Well, I was getting to feel that way myself, though I've always reckoned that looking at the new moon over your left shoulder is one of the carelessest and foolishest things a body can do. "(35)

    Spelling in print magazines only benefit an elitist few who have grown fond of the old form, but serve to impede the functionality of the language, so that it fails to fulfill its primary duty to communicate ideas and emotions, according to Mark Twain. Therefore language should be simplified in favor of the broader audience, and that the grotesque old form concerned with downright redundant and ridiculous words be done away with.The just about carefree color around the talk to some extent face masks the significance around the trouble having been treated. Language in print media was failing as an effective tool for communication, all because its self-appointed “keepers” have grown so fond of the old form.

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    Twain mockingly tags the existing mode kids tumors, which demonstrates the absurdity of continuing to keep something which sources affect in the interest of emotional cost. If the proverbial one percent represented by the minority of the readership/authors persist in their selfishness, but he points out that the future of the medium and the access of the people to information are both at stake, and that both are in peril of being lost. Twain gives an ultimatum by stating his intentions clearly by the end of his essay: either we cling to tradition or perish. Alternatively, we move where the tide of change leads.